about me

Born and bred in Ukraine, I immigrated to Adelaide, Australia with my young family in my late twenties. Although, I was fascinated with art at a young age, my passion for drawing and painting developed through my love for photography, when I began wondering how my landscapes and portraits would come to life in oil or watercolour mediums.

Since then I have worked with oil and watercolour and they have both become equally important to my professional development.

I’m fascinated by people, their interactions and their surroundings. I’m touched by the elegance of Rembrandt’s and Vermeer’s work, the raw realism of Repin and the freshness of colour of the Impressionists. I’m inspired by centuries of art and artistic styles, but I’m not inclined to be associated with any style in particular.

As Pablo Picasso said “Everyone wants to understand art. Why not try to understand the song of a bird? Why does one love the night, flowers, everything around one, without trying to understand them? But in the case of a painting people have to understand….” (Dore Ashton, Picasso on Art, 1972)

Enjoy my work, just as much as I enjoyed creating it.